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Viswanathan Anand

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Achievements: In 1988 became India’s first Grandmaster; in 2000 became the first Indian to win the FIDE World Chess Championship; in 2003 won the FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship; won the Chess Oscar many times

For a long time Viswanathan Anand has epitomized the very best in Indian chess. In a glorious career spanning 25 years and still counting, Anand has taken Indian chess to dizzying heights.

After winning the National Sub-Junior Chess Championship in 1983, the next year, at the age of fifteen, Anand became the youngest Indian to win the International Master Title. In 1988, at the age of eighteen, he became India’s first Grandmaster.

In the 1990s Anand rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in world chess like Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. In 1995, in one of the most hyped duels of recent times, Anand lost to Kasparov in the Professional Chess Association World Chess Championship final.

Anand has achieved multiple success in prestigious chess tournaments like Corus, Linares and Dortmund. In 2000, Anand became the first Indian to win the FIDE World Chess Championship by defeating Alexei Shirov in the final.

In addition to his proven abilities in the classical chess format, Vishwanathan Anand is known as the the world’s finest rapid chess player. In 2003, Anand won the inaugural edition of the FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship defeating archrival Vladimir Kramnik.

Viswanathan Anand is quite simply, the greatest sportsman India has ever produced. He won the FIDE World Chess Championship on Christmas Eve, 2000 to assure himself a place in history and ascend the very summit of the game.

Viswanathan Anand’s spectacular career is reproduced here. Keep checking back for updates.

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Career Highlights
2007 1995
2006 1994
2005 1993
2004 1992
2003 1991
2002 1990
2001 1989
2000 1988
1999 1987
1998 1986
1997 1985
1996 1984
Year of Participation Tournament Performance Highlights
2007 Morelia-Linares Super Grandmaster Chess Tournament, Linares Champion Took and early lead and hung onto it right upto a final draw with Vassily Ivanchuk, to not only take the Title at Linares for the first time since 1998 but also to take the FIDE World No.1 Ranking for the very first time ever!
2006 Mikhail Tal Memorial Blitz Tournament, Moscow Champion Anand scored a whopping 23 points out of a possible 34 and won 11 out of 17 mini-matches to claim the strongest Blitz tournament in the history of the game, beating his nearest rival, Levon Aronian of Armenia by a comprehensive 2 point margin.
2006 Grenkeleasing World Rapid Championship, Mainz Chess Classic, Mainz Champion Beat Radjabov twice on the final day to win his 6th Title in a row at Mainz, his 7th in succession and his 9th Classic win overall, setting a record that is unlikely to be surpassed.
2006 19th Magistral Ciudad de Leon Chess tournament, Leon Champion Underlined his mastery of the rapid format by running away with the title, easily beating Topalov in the Final, 2.5-1.5 to win his 6th Title at Leon.
2006 15th Amber Blindfold & Rapid Chess Tournament Joint Champion Shared honours with Alexander Morozevich. Anand did not lose a single Rapid game and finished a tied second in the Blindfold. Morozevich outplayed Loek van Wely in his final Blindfold top board game, to tie with Anand overall.
2006 Corus Chess Tournament, Wijk Aan Zee Champion Made history by becoming the only player ever to win this tournament a record 5 times! Anand beat Boris Gelfand in his final round game to share top honours with Veselin Topalov. Anand was however awarded the trophy for having won more games with the black pieces. This win also gave Anand a vital 13 ELO points taking his ELO rating to 2805, thereby crossing the magic 2800 ELO point marker, a summit achieved before by only Kasparov, Kramnik and Topalov
2005 World Chess Championship, San Luis Runner- Up Finished Runner Up to Topalov, largely due to Topalov’s scorching start to the event.
2005 Mainz Chess Classic, Mainz Champion Took the title for the 5th year in a row, by beating Alexander Grischuk 5-2 in the Final, in an utterly dominant and professional display
2005 18th Magistral Ciudad de Leon Chess tournament, Leon Champion Anand once again underlined his mastery over the rapid format, as he came back from a 0-1 deficit to beat FIDE champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan 2.5-1.5
2004 Corsica Masters, Bastia Champion Anand won Corsica for the 5th year in succession and underlined his awesome year by winning his 4th major title in 2004, blanking Rublevsky 2-0 in the Final.
2004 Mainz Chess Classic, Mainz Champion Won his 2 major titles on successive Sundays by beating Alexei Shirov 4.5 – 2.5, to don the Black Jacket for the 4th straight year. Anand has now been Champion at Mainz an amazing 7 times in total.
2004 Dortmunder Schachtage, Dortmund Champion Viswanathan Anand once again proved that he was the king of the Rapid chess variation as he recored an emphatic victory over Braingames champion Vladimir Kramnik of Russia to win the Dortmund Sparkassen chess tournament 2004
2004 Corus Chess Tournament, Wijk Aan Zee Champion After 1989, 1998 and 2002 it was Anand’s 4th tournament victory in Wijk Aan Zee, joining in the process an exclusive club of players that includes former World Chess Champion Max Euwe, Lajos Portisch, Viktor Kortchnoi and himself, who have won this prestigious event 4 times. With his result, Anand will pass Vladimir Kramnik on the rating list and will become the 2nd highest rated chess player in the world, behind Garry Kasparov in the FIDE world rankings.
2003 Corsica Masters, Bastia Champion Continued on what has been an amazing 2003, by winning the tournament for the 4th time in it’s 7th year! Anand beat Veselin Topolov in the second set of tie break games in what was a pulsating Final.
2003 World Rapid Chess Championship, Cap D’Agde Champion Lived up to his reputation of being the best rapid chess player in the world by beating Vladimir Kramnik 1.5 – 0.5 in the Final.
2003 Rapid Chess Classic, Mainz Champion Came from behind to beat Polgar 5-3 in a thrilling finish, to successfully defend his Title
2003 Sparkassen Chess Meeting, Dortmund Runner-Up Finished runner-up to Bologan after beating him earlier in the “Game of the Year”
2003 12th Amber Chess Tournament, Monte Carlo Champion Became the first player ever, to win 3 unshared titles beating Kramnik’s record of 2 unshared and 2 shared titles.
2003 Corus Chess Tournament, Wijk Aan Zee Champion Made an impressive start to 2003 by winning commandingly in the year’s first super category tournament. Anand led throughout and finished a comfortable half point ahead of second placed Judit Polgar
2002 6th Corsica Masters Rapid Chess Tournament, Corsica Champion Made it a hat-trick in Corsica by coming from behind to beat Anatoly Karpov 4-2
2002 World Cup, Hyderabad Champion Successfully defended his Title with a facile 29 move second round win over Uzbek Grandmaster Kasimdzhanov
2002 Russia Vs Rest of the World, Moscow Champion Anchored the Rest of the World team to a historic victory in this unique event
2002 Chess Classic, Mainz Champion Spectacularly beat reigning World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov in the eighth match of the Final, with a flurry of sacrifices which completely mesmerised his opponent, to win 4.5-3.5.
2002 “Torneo Magistral de Ajedrez”, Leon Runner- Up Finished second to Vladimir Kramnik 2.5-3.5 by virtue of the decisive third game, all other games ending in draws.
2002 Eurotel World Chess Trophy, Prague Champion Sliced through a field that included all of the very best in world chess, beating Timman (2-0), Khalifman (2-0), Sokolov (1.5-0.5), Ivanchuk (2.5-1.5) and Karpov (1.5-0.5) in the Final.
2002 Super Torneo de Linnares, Linares Joint Third Place Tied for third place along with Adams and Ivanchuk
2001 World Chess Championship, Moscow Semi Finalist Lost to Ivanchuk in the Semi Final
2001 Corsica Masters, Corsica


Drew the final tie-break blitz game with Alexander Chernin, to successfully defend his Title
2001 “Duel of the Champions”


Beat Kramnik in a rapid game match 6.5,5.5.Anand won the blitz play off 1.5-.5 to clinch the title
2001 “Torneo Magistral de Ajedrez”, Leon Champion Beat Shirov 2.5 – 1.5 in the Final to win in Leon for the 3rd straight year and underline his absolute dominance of Advanced Chess, world-wide.
2001 2nd Torneo Magistral, Mexico City Champion Finished 1 clear point ahead of his challengers in a 4 player field (Anand, Short, Khalifman and Hernandez) to win and take his rating, tantalisingly close to the magic 2800 mark!
2000 FIDE World Championships, Teheran and New Delhi WORLD CHAMPION Beat Alexei Shirov in the Final (3.5 – 0.5) to add the Crown Jewel to a glittering career and ascend the very pinnacle of game.
2000 FIDE World Cup, Shenyeng Champion Beat Bareev 1.5 – 0.5 in the final to register his best ever result in a FIDE event!
2000 Sparkassen Chess Meeting, Dortmund Runner-Up Followed up his outstanding win in Frankfurt by finishing Runner-Up to Kramnik after tieing on level points.
2000 Fujitsu Siemens Giants Rapid Chess, Frankfurt Champion Sliced through a field of the very best players on the planet to win in style with a round to spare
2000 “Torneo Magistral de Ajedrez”, Leon Champion Won in Leon for the second straight year, beating Shirov 1.5-0.5 in the Final.
2000 Wydra International Tournament, Haifa Champion Underlined his superiority in the rapid game.
2000 Corus Chess Tournament, Wijk Aan Zee Runner-Up Finished Runner-Up to Kasparov
2000 Plus GSM World Blitz Chess Cup, Warsaw Champion Clear winner with 17.5 Points in 22 Games. Beat Karpov, Gelfand and Svidler.
1999 “Torneo Magistral de Ajedrez”, Leon Champion Comprehensively beat Karpov 5-1
1999 Chess Oscar Champion Anand wins the coveted Chess Oscar for the second straight year!
1999 Toreno International De Ajedrez Ciudad De Linares 1999, Linares Runner-Up  
1999 61st Hoogoven’s Schaak Tornoi, Wijk Aan Zee   Made a record plus 6 score
1999 Wydra Memorial Rapid Chess,Haifa Champion  
1998 Fontys-Tilburg International Chess Tournament Champion Has taken his 1998 record to 4 wins in 5 events entered.
1998 “Siemens Nixdorf Duell”,Frankfurt Champion Beat the world open category computer chess champion Fritz5(1.5-0.5)
1998 “Siemens Nixdorf Duell”,Frankfurt Champion Won the strongest rapid tournament of all time
1998 “Torneo Magitral Communidad De Madrid”, Madrid Champion Achieved a career high ELO rating of 2795,just 5 points short of the magical 2800 mark achieved till date only by Garry Kasparov
1998 Moscow Viswanathan Anand wins the Chess ‘Oscar’ for 1997 !
1998 Anand moves upto World No.2, with an  FIDE rating of 2790
1998 Torneo International De Ajedrez, Linares Champion Won the strongest tournament ever, in the history of chess.
1998 60th Hoogoven’s Schaak Tornoi,Wijk Aan Zee Champion Won the public prize for best game
1998 FIDE World Chess Championship Finals, Basel Runner- Up He played against Karpov who had the unfair advantage of being seeded straight into the Finals. Playing 31 games in 30 days, Anand tied the match 3-3, but lost in the tie-break.
1997 Knock-Out Championship, Groningen Champion This was the qualifier for the world championship finals.  He beat 3 out of the top 10 in the world, Shirov, Gelfand & Adams in the final tiebreak.  He thus holds the unique record of winning the strongest ever knock-out championship in the history of chess. He also won with the least number of tie-breaks.
1997 “Invesbanka Chess tournament”, Belgrade Champion  
1997 Credit Suisse Classic Tournament, Biel Champion Also won the first prize for the most beautiful game
1997 Dortmunder Schachtage, Dortmund Runner- Up
1997 Chess Classic Rapid Tournament, Frankfurt Champion Qualified for the Final with 2 rounds to spare and went on to beat Karpov in the Final.
1997 Exhibition against 6 computers at the Aegon Man Vs Computers chess event. Won 4-2 One of the few players to play 6 computers simultaneously and win.
1997 6th Melody Amber Tournament, Monaco Champion Finished overall first, and individually first in blindfold and rapid. .  The first player in the history of the tournament to do so.
1997 Torneo de Ajedrex, Dos Hermanes Champion Finished first in a Category 19 Tournament.
1996 Las Palmas”Super Torneo De Ajedrez”, Las Palmas Second Finished 2nd among the top 6 players in the world .  This was the strongest tournament of all time.(at that time)
1996 Credit  Swiss Rapid  Chess Grand Prix, Geneva Champion Beat World Champion Garry Kasparov in the final.
1996 Dortmunder Schachtage, Dortmund Joint Winner with Kramnik Won the prestigious Dortmund Tournament
1995 World Championship, World Trade Center, New York Finalist Lost the match after a see-saw 3rd week. First Asian to play the World Championship. Attained the World No. 2 position in the PCA Ranking list
1995 Candidates Final, Las Palmas Winner Beat Gata Kamsky and qualified for World Championship against Kasparov
1994 World Championship Candidates Cycle, Linares Champion Beat Adams and qualified for World Championship Candidates Final
1994 World Championship Candidates Cycle, New York Champion Beat Romanishin
1994 PCA Grand Prix, Moscow Champion Won ahead of Kasparov
1994 Melody Amber Tournament, Monaco Champion Won ahead of stalwarts like Karpov, Kramnik, Ivanchuk
1993 PCA Interzonal, Groningen Champion Won the strongest Swiss tournament ever
1993 FIDE Candidates Circle Interzonal, Biel Qualified for the Candidates cycle
1992 Alekhine Memorial (Category 18), Moscow Won the tournament ahead of Karpov. Attained a 2700 rating, only the 8th person ever to do so in the World
1992 Immopar Trophy, Paris Finalist Lost to Kasparov
1992 Played in Linares against Vassily Ivanchuk (then World No. 3) Champion Score:Anand-5, Ivanchuk-3
1992 Chess Olympaid 1992, Manila Captained the Indian team. Remained unbeaten throughout while playing on the top board.
1992 Goodrich Open International Tournament, Calcutta Joint Champion
1992 Reggio Emilia Chess Tournament (Category 18) Champion First place in Reggio Emilia, ahead of Kasparov and Karpov in the strongest tournament ever held until this time (Category 18)
1991 World Championship, Brussels Quarter Finalist Lost to Anatoly Karpov
1991 “Candidates Match” for the World Championship, Madras Champion Beat Alexey Dreev to be the first Asian to qualify for the Quarter Finals of  the World Championship
1990 Triveni International Super Grandmasters Tournament, Delhi Joint Champion
1990 Manila Chess Interzonal, Manila Placed 3rd and became 1st Indian to qualify for Candidates Matches leading up to the World Championships
1990 Asian Open Chess Championship, Manila Champion
1990 Manchester Chess Festival, Manchester Champion
1990 Asian Zonal Championship  Gold Medallist Qualified for the Interzonal
1989 GMA World Cup Qualifier Tied for 4th place Strongest Open tournament in history with 184 Grandmasters
1989 Asian Team Chess Championship Scored 7 points out of 7 games Winner of the top board prize and individual performance of the tournament
1989 2nd Asian Active Chess Championship, Hong Kong Champion
1989 First National Active Chess, Pune Champion
1989 4th International Games Festival, France (Veterans vs. Youth Tournament) 2nd overall, but 1st in the Youth category A special triumph in beating 2 former World Champions, Mikhail Tal and Boris Spassky
1988 51st Hoogovens Chess Tournament Wijk Aan Zee Champion First Asian to win
1987 Sakthi Finance International Grandmasters Chess Tournament Tied for First Place Became India’s first Grandmaster and the Youngest Grandmaster in the World at that time
1987 Bhilwara Grandmaster Chess Tournament, Bhilwara Second Secured his Second Grandmaster norm
1987 First Indian to receive an ELO rating of 2500
1987 World Junior Chess Championship Champion First Asian to win the World Junior Title 
1986 Arab-Asian International Chess Championship Champion
1986-88 National ‘A’ Chess Championship Won all 3 years Youngest National Champion ever
1986 Asian Team Championship Board Prize Winner Team won Silver
1984-85 Asian Junior (under 19) Championships Won both years Earned the title of International Master at 15, the youngest Asian to achieve this distinction
1984-85 Lloyd’s Bank Junior  Won both years
1984 World Sub-Junior Championship Tied for 2nd place. Awarded the Bronze Medal
1983-84 National Sub Junior Championship  Champion Set a new record by scoring 9/9 points

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