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Grapes & Red Wine Compound May Fight Diabetes In Humans

Posted by karook on October 6, 2007

Grapes & Red Wine Compound May Fight Diabetes In Humans

A recent research has revealed that lower quantities of a chemical found in the skins of red grapes and in red wine can perk up insulin sensitivity of mice.
Study researchers also reported that augmented level of an enzyme known as ‘SIRT1’ also betters insulin sensitivity in mice. These discoveries could help in finding out new approaches to prevent or treat diabetes.
Nearly 170 million people throughout the world are suffering from diabetes, and the number is likely to increase to 353 million by the year 2030. 90 per cent of these people have type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is when there is resistance of body tissues to stimulation by the peptide hormone insulin.
Insulin generally depresses glucose levels in the blood by assisting the sugar’s ingestion into muscular and fat tissue and by blockading glucose fabrication in the liver. Study authors said that preventing insulin resistance is one of the keys to treating type 2 diabetes.
Earlier research had revealed that there was a link between SIRT1 and diabetes, but it wasn’t understandable if SIRT1 was directly involved. This newest study has shown the SIRT1 has a direct relationship to insulin resistance.
The research also proved that resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine heightens insulin sensitivity in cells. The researchers said that the amount required to make a difference is fairly low.


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