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When you are on the net, beware of hackers

Posted by karook on September 12, 2007

This refers to the news item “Web Crime: Internet hackers dupe Kashmiri surfer, colleagues”.

 In 1960s the US Government wanted to develop a method to keep all the communication lines open and safe in case of a nuclear attack. They did not want a specific control centre, which could be destroyed, thus making all he links dependent on it ‘useless’. Thus internet has no control anywhere in the globe. This has given powers in the hands of the hackers which by their tricks and tactics break into any secure system and take out the useful data. So internet surfers of valley, beware!
 The INTERPOL and the police of all the countries are helpless before these hackers on account of an authenticate proof. No doubt, it is high time to frame the laws against the cyber crime. Many Acts were passed by various countries and discussed with the Worlds Intelligence Bureau in various countries with no fruitful results.
 In 1991, with the development of the World Wide Web, the commercialization of the web started. In 1994, there were around 13.5 million people using the net, with approximately 8.4million servers, which were permanently connected to it. The latest figures are however much more explosive, with almost 300 million internet users connected to it. We know out of this big figure a trace if it belongs from our State. Thus valley surfers must keep in mind how dangerous it can be being “online”. Well as a reference I am describing the previous hacking incident which clearly shows how far a hacker can go on a net ride.
 A 15 year old Andrew Phillips of Mumbai writes his own software and can take you on a dazzle ride, hacking his way trough the information highway. With expert ease, he will show you how he downloaded Citibank’s Credit card number database. He can send you a message using the VSNL account of Karnataka’s Inspector General of Police. They sneak into anything from the servers of the hi-tech US military, the Indian Navy and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
 According to one Computer student from Kerela, “Hacking is not about breaking security or about stealing money from a bank, it is about understanding computers the way they were meant to be understood.”
 Now India faces the danger of raids on the sensitive data. Firms are now forced to put up their own defenses. Hackers run free because there are no laws against hacking, cyber crime investigation, and no effective firewalls or electronic barriers.
 When the Baba Atomic Research Centre was hacked in the year 1998, the only damage done to the E-mail system and the Centers Web page. Sensitive nuclear information was stored on the computers that were not connected to the internet.
 Thus the President of NASSCOM says “it is high time we had IT legislation’ Acts 2000, Interpol-country police connection, bills regarding these crimes, law amendment ways etc to deal with all these cyber crimes.
 Now all the countries are working over the issue and have come up with number of Laws and Acts with stern punishments. But till a direct proof is reached, hackers enjoy a free ride.


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