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H2O – Water (the power of our life)


Water  H2O



            Now a days people are soo busy, they dont even find time to speak with their neighbours. They even find no time to drink water(H2O).

           In this World we make our self to engage 24/7 . In that work we have to spend few minutes to think of ourself.Our body health is most important than any thing in this world. If our body is healthy then only we can engage 24/7(think of it) or else……………….

           Water is the cheapest thing that makes our body energatic,healthy,flexible….etc. 

           Have you ever thought of this ?

           When do we drink water(H2O)?

               When ever we feel thirsty we drink it.  Hardly per day we may consume 1 to 1.5 liters of water. Do we think this is enough?  when we work 24/7 our entire body tends to work then our body generates heat. If that heat goes on increasing in our body that may cause to some other problems. To reduse that heat water is a best medicine. With in 24 hours we have to consume atleast 3.5liters of water. It must be regular. Consuming water in empty stmoch is more effective.

          Water makes your metabolism burn calories 3% faster.


Water Tip:

On feeling hungry

drink some water

15 minutes before



Benefits of drinking water(H2O)

->help’s to reduce blood pressure

->improves the quality of our skin

->help’s to  reduce high cholesterol

->reduces the heat generated by our body

->increase metabolism

->help’s us to feel fresh & increases our energy


Not only that few more :

Reduces Back pain :

                             Back pain is often because of a deficiency in the liquid levels in our body. It has been shown by maintaining adequate fluid levels that you can begin to reduce pain, stiffness and back pain.

                             The reason for this is because the discs in your back need to be hydrated so they can absorb shocks. When they are dying be hydrated, there is a much greater risk of running into back problems.

Reduces Hypertension :

                           Millions of people today suffer from hypertension. The human blood is made up of more than 80% water. It has been shown that by providing your body with pure drinking water, you can begin to lower your blood pressure and allow your body to function better.

Reduces the symptoms of Asthma :

                         One of the benefits of drinking water is its ability to reduce the symptoms of asthma. Dehydration in the human body exaggerates histamine production, and you probably know that asthmatics already have high levels of histamines in their body. Drinking pure water in adequate amounts has been proven to lower histamine levels and asthmatic symptoms.

                        We have so many good things of drinking water . So we have to consume enough amount of water  and keep our body healthy for ever.

                                                 Healthy body is the asset of our life.


Water Cycle :



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